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EMS of Central Florida, Inc.

E&R Mechanical Division of EMS of Central Florida

Troni-Tech International, Inc.

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EMS of Central Florida, Inc. was founded as a simple lift station repair and maintenance company. It has since expanded to meet the needs of virtually any water/wastewater entity. EMS is the parent company of E&R Mechanical, the new construction and major rehab division; and Troni-Tech Industries, the production and retail sales division. These three companies offer a full range of services across the Central Florida area, and extend services out of state as well.

EMS of Central Florida offers preventative maintenance for water/wastewater infrastructure on a call-out or scheduled basis, as well as calibrations, repairs, upgrades, etc. on an as-needed basis

E&R Mechanical specializes in new construction and major rehabilitation projects, and is the home of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and automation department. E&R's flagship SCADA project, E&R SCADA, offers a full suite of SCADA software, including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) communication with multiple industry standard brands, HMI (Human to Machine Interface) graphical display with multiple simultaneous clients, alarm monitoring with telephone, text, and email alerting capabilities, historical logging and analysis, and many more features

Troni-Tech Industries is the manufacturer and distributer of the popular Model 6012 duplex pump controller. This reliable industrial controller has been on their market for over 20 years, and features recent improvements to the classic model, with additional features currently in development.