Products and Services

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EMS of Central Florida, Inc.


  • Lift Station Electrical & Mechanical Service 
    • 24/7 Emergency Service
    • Preventative Maintenance (Quarterly or Monthly)
      • Pumps Pulling Proper Amps
      • Motor Starters/VFDs Functioning Properly
      • Alternator Relay (if equipped)
      • Phase Monitor (if equipped)
      • Hour Meters
      • Audible & Visual Alarm Operating Properly
      • All Indicator Lights Inside Panel Operating Properly
      • Loose or Corroded Wires
      • Resistance Test
      • Check Pump Ground and Overall Condition of Pumps
      • Check Condition of Wet & Dry Well
      • Check Lift Station Site Area
      • Notify Property Contact if Grease/Debris Removal Required
      • Complete City/County Log Sheets (if required)
    • Control Panel Repair
    • Pump Sales & Repair
      • Motor Rewinding
      • Single and Three Phase



E&R Mechanical


    • Alarm Dialer Notification System
  • Meter & Chart Recorder Calibrations


  • VFD, Phase Converter, SoftStart Sales and Repair
  • Telemetry System Design and Repair
    • Radio
      • 900MHz
      • VHF/UHF (Private/Public Frequency)
    • Serial
      • RS232 & RS485
    • Fiber Optic


Troni-Tech International, Inc.

Duplex Pump Controller 60-12

The Duplex Pump Controller consists of a modular unit with upper and lower wiring harness. Unit has two hand-auto-off control switches, pump seal test switch, reset switch, float test switches, and LED indicators for all floats, HOAs, and seal status. Inputs consist of terminal strip for float 1 to 4 and seal leak inputs.

Outputs consist of 6 wires out, 120 VAC power input, contactor 1 and 2 output, flashing light output, and horn output.  All inputs are 12 VDC and intrinsically safe, no risk of shock on float wiring.  Outputs are solid state triac driven and 120 VAC which can be externally fused. 

System automatically time delays pump starts to reduce current draw, automatic float sequencing with float out of sequence alert which prevents short cycle if floats fail or are out of order. System operates with 4 floats and alternates pumps, manual alternation override with HOA and reset switch or return to alternate.

Simple installation and wiring, field replacement can be done in seconds if needed. Horn silence switch mounts to external panel using normally open switch.  No relays or flashers needed for lift station, complete system controls are integrated.

6012 wiring